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Use this as a tool to help market Central Youth Conference to your church and student ministry.

Early November | Promotional Material:
Promotional material will be available on this page.
Mid November | Down Payment:
Allow students and parents to place a down payment through the holiday season.
December | Christmas Gift:
Market the conference as the perfect Christmas gift.
January | Registration:
Register as many students as possible. 
February | Fundraising:
Introduce fundraising opportunities to your student ministry. Check out some helpful fundraising ideas on this page!
March & April | Payment Plans:
Talk with parents about payment plans for students. Break it down to a manageable monthly payment.
Early July | Last Call:
 Don’t close registration too early. Give your congregation one last opportunity to sponsor a student. 

Student Fund Raising

Many students look for ways to raise money for their CYC trip. We encourage fundraising options to be opened up and promoted to students in February.


How To Set Up The Fundraising Option:
Each student interested in fundraising should get a pack that consists of four things; a money envelope, a spreadsheet, an instruction sheet, a printed picture of the item the student is selling (optional). (See downloads for all four items inside packet)

  • We encourage all youth to be selling the same thing (to make it easier for you to keep track of); a tee shirt with your youth group logo, sunglasses with your youth group website or logo, etc.
  • We encourage pre-ordering the items being sold so that they are in hand when a student turns in their fundraising packet. Keep in mind that students typically sell tee shirts to adults (relatives, grandparents, neighbors) when you are ordering sizes.
  • We encourage setting a deadline for students to return all fundraising envelopes. Before or during the weekend leading up the conference (July 9-10, 2016) has worked very well in the past, but we encourage never turning someone away after the deadline.

Each student that takes home a fundraising packet is logged. You can use this log to contact students a week before CYC to remind them of the fundraising deadline.


Meeting Packets
We encourage a mass meeting with all parents of students attending Central Youth Conference to go over schedules, rules, and answer the many questions that parents may have. We encourage you to meet with all chaperones and leaders to cast the vision of their positions before the conference.

Watch our social media accounts for further promotional materials!