Central Youth Conference is for students 7th-12th grade.

Central Youth Conference is located at the University of Cincinnati. The address is 2600 Clifton Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45221.

It’s the best of both! CYC offers everything from sports activities (basketball, volleyball, rock wall, paintball, inflatables, etc.) to team competitions to water activities to after parties in the courtyard. In addition to that, you can expect creative services, powerful worship, inspiring messages that are relevant to students today, an engaging small group experience, and sessions specifically geared towards pastors and leaders.

Central Youth Conference is 4 days and 3 nights on July 21st- July 24th.

Check-in begins on Tuesday, July 21st between 12pm-4pm and check-out begins on Friday, July 24th between 12pm-2pm. Once your group is registered, you will be notified of your check-in time 4 weeks prior to conference.

October 1st-January 1st – $350
January 1st – June 1st – $375
June 1st-July 21st – $395


*Price Locking is guaranteed even if you add more attendees to your group at a later date. That’s why it is important to register before the price goes up to the next tier.

Your conference cost includes meals and lodging for all 4 days and 3 nights. It also includes all activities and after party experiences.

If you don’t know these details yet, it’s okay, just type “TBD” in the first name field, leave the rest of the fields blank and select “Use this Information for all Attendees.” You will be able to go back and change this information later!

In order to receive any eligible refunds, you must edit the registrant’s information to reflect the cancellation by changing registrant first name to “CANCELLATION” OR, simply input a new person’s information that is replacing the canceling registrant before July 14th. After July 14th, all sales are final. The $50 deposit fee per registrant is non-refundable.

Everything is covered in your conference cost other than merchandise. Prices for merchandise range from $10-$40.

Students will have their choice of food from the University of Cincinnati’s state of the art cafeteria. There will also be food provided at the after parties each night following service.

Throughout the duration of the conference, you will stay in the dorms at the University of Cincinnati.

2 people per dorm room. We recommend that students room with other students and that leaders room with other leaders.

Sheets (Dorm mattresses are Twin XL Sized)
Activity Clothes
Flip Flops for the shower
Towel for Shower
Bathing Suits
Towel for Swimming
Phone Charger
Medication (if needed)
Money for CYC Merchandise if desired

Pastors will have daily breakout sessions, Q&A, and leadership experiences.

We believe that small groups are an integral part of Central Youth Conference. Small Groups are a way for a big conference to feel small. It will allow your students to open up in an intimate setting about what God is doing in their heart and build strong relationships with other students and their leader. We recommend organizing small groups in groups of 4-8 per leader and separated by grade and gender.

Clans are a fun way to get students involved in the conference. They are seated in the four corners of the arena and “compete” against each other in various games and activities throughout the conference. Attendees are encouraged to come dressed in their tribe colors!

There are no reserved seats. To qualify for Select Seating, your group will need to have a group of 60 registrations or more.

With larger groups, we know it can be difficult to find seats all together. If you gave a group of 60 or more, you will be assigned a section.

Please email savannah@7hillschurch.tv for more details on your specific circumstance.

You can bring your infant or child; however, we do not recommend it as there is no childcare provided.

Download the CYCON app! You can find it under the Student Life Tab.

Download the CYCON app! You can find it under the Leader Life Tab.

Download the CYCON app! You can find it under the Student Life Tab or on the Campus Map.